Road To Ruin | Autoglass Highlight The Deteriorating Road Networks Due To Budget Cuts

Post image of Road To Ruin | Autoglass Highlight The Deteriorating Road Networks Due To Budget Cuts

Alongside the video embedded below, Autoglass have released information from their Freedom of Information survey. The video’s clever street art, representing the deteriorating road conditions, hold’s a potent message that is emphasised by Autoglass’ findings.

The big finding being that half of the local authorities who responded to Autoglass are cutting their road maintenance budget; with reductions equating to an astonishing total figure of up to £17 million.

This has led to Matthew Mycock, Autoglass’ managing director, warning, “This will cause discomfort and inconvenience to drivers, damage to their vehicles and even jeopardise their safety. Every day, we hear from our customers that travelling around parts of Britain is becoming a nightmare because of the state of the roads and this is not likely to improve in the foreseeable future.”

Potholes are a huge annoyance, and become more so should you have to fix a cracked windscreen; with Autoglass serving 100,000 customers every year with cracked windscreens as a result of potholes and poorly maintained roads. In a poll carried out recently by the company it is no surprise that 80% of motorists were calling for potholes to be a top priority for the national road budget.

As is this point needed further illustrating, 47% of those polled said would cut State support for the Royal Family in preference of fixing the crumbling road network.

The biggest cut of those local authorities responding to the Freedom of Information requests was in Kent where the county council is cutting its overall road maintenance budget from £90m to £73m.

As concluded by Matthew Mycock: “The state of the UK’s transport network is a huge issue and and many drivers would be prepared to countenance cuts in other budgets if the money was then earmarked to fix the nation’s roads.”

What do you think of the Nations roads?

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