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Following the recent unveilings of the Volkswagen Up! and Skoda Citigo, SEAT’s Mii has now been revealed. SEAT’S newest model will go on sale at the end of this year as a three-door in Spain, with the rest of Europe being able to get their hands on one in Spring 2012. SEAT claim the Mii is “the perfect automobile for the urban lifestyle of today”, and in all fairness they’ve provided the figures to reinforce this statement.

The Mii is only 3.56 meters long, adding to its city car nature, and aiding it in the day-to-day challenges faced from urban driving; such as parking. The Mii will weigh a minimal 854 kg and be powered by a choice of 60 or 75 hp 1.0 Litre Petrol Engines; VW Group’s new engines that are to offer the power behind all its new city cars. The weight and economical engines combined will offer great fuel efficiency; a combined 62.8 mpg for the 60hp and 60.1mpg for the 75hp version, making it perfect for city life. With the Ecomotive version emitting just 97g/km of CO2 and the petrol/compressed natural gas variation emitting an even more impressive 86 g/km and allowing it to be one of the cleanest cars in the world.

The Mii will simply be another variation of the Up! with similarities lending the car more towards the Citigo, yet being different in the styling of the front end, tail lamps, alloy wheels and interior. Considering the cars nature, some may be a little surprised to discover the 60hp has the potential to reach speeds of 99mph and the 75hp up to 106mph.  However, this is very inkeeping with SEAT’S targeting of the Mii towards younger buyers.

What do you think of VW Group’s new city car trio – which one would you choose?

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1 Opinions

  • Craig Hildersley

    I think all models look good but you have to say anyone buying the VW “Up” is in for a rude awakening. Taking the VW model and adding extras very quickly takes your City car to over £12,000!!! Yet the base “Up” comes in at a shade under £8000!

    If, and I have no doubt they will, Seat and Skoda produce this model  cheaper then its a no brainer.
    Seat and Skoda will win in sales and VW “Up” that started a very good trend in city cars will be destined to go the way of the VW “Fox”….and we all know what happened to that car.

    People look now at economy, petrol and deisel will not be around for ever and it will be another two decades before electric cars get anywhere near the mpg and price of current vehicles. So in the short term cars that are small and practical will earn the car companys a small fortune.

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