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There is something undeniably British about Clive Sinclair; the inventor of the new Sinclair X1. Not content with becoming something of a laughing stock with the ludicrous unveiling of the Sinclair C5 way back in 1985, he has proffered up yet another automotive example mocking the paradigm of supply and demand. Sinclair is supplying something that no one in their right mind would demand. Clive Sinclair is therefore a hero; a British eccentric from the top-drawer.

The Sinclair X1 runs on a curious combination of battery power and pedal power, which is a rather strange amalgamation of Fred Flintstone’s car and a Toyota Prius. This kind of eco-thinking (though noble and very forward-thinking) bears all the hallmarks of Sir Clive’s first automotive endeavour.

Sinclair X1

Sinclair X1

It is worth pointing out that the C5 project was a commercial flop and ended up costing Sinclair over £6 million. However, unperturbed by that failure, Sir Clive returned to the drawing board and produced the X1, which for all intents an purposes is identical to the C5 in all but name.

Apparently critics have already begun to label the X1 as ‘Silly-looking’ and impractical on modern roads, which does suggest that Sinclair shouldn’t pin his hopes on recouping his millions on this little investment.

Sinclair X1 On The Road

Sinclair X1 On The Road

Nevertheless, his bulldog spirit, drive and determination in the face of overwhelming public mocking and derision is inspirational. His vehicle design skills, however, are not.

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