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Choosing your racing colours isn’t easy. There are, after all, so many colours and combinations to choose from. You could emulate something classic and famous. You could utilise the colours and branding of your favourite automotive product, your favourite manufacturer, your favourite band (McFly, Five Colours in Her Hair, anyone?!). You could, if you are feeling really creative, come up with a uniform or livery that is entirely yours, inspired and influenced by nothing other than your artistic brain cells.

There is no need for another list of the best schemes out there – these lists are coming out of our ears in the automotive blogosphere. However, a bit of a commentary on what makes these famous and gorgeous schemes work has got to be interesting…

1967 Ford Mustang Trans Am Livery

1967 Ford Mustang

First off, the classic yellow and black. An all yellow car with black stripes has been done so many times, or so many different cars, that it has (dare I say it) become a bit old hat. This one works because the high contrast is still present, but with a solid bonnet colour that accentuates the Mustang’s lean front end, as well as working well for displaying your branding or sponsorship.

Trans Am Dodge Challenger Livery

Trans Am Dodge Challenger

Crazy designs are all very well and good, but if you are dealing with a remarkable colour then a simple number and go-faster strip combo is all you need. It is the simplicity that works here, letting the remarkable lime green do all the talking.

Tri-Coloured Ford Mustang Trans Am

Trans Am Ford Mustang

So may schemes tend to brake the colour up horizontally on a race car than breaking the mould is a sure-fire way to make you stand out in a crowd. As long as you choose your colours wisely (and if the world’s flags are anything to go by, red white and blue is a reasonable bet), diving them like this can not only look smart, but different from the crowd too.

Trans Am Boss 302 Ford Mustang

Trans Am Boss 302 Ford Mustang

Time for a personal favourite here, and a look that seems to be universally popular.Why does this Mustangs well-thought-out costume work? Because the colours seem at first glance subtle, but are actually made more unusual by the white piping, and decals and stickers all fit with the theme, and the detailing is such that even brown and orange would have served to highlight the classic car lines and curves.

1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

Changing the angles, as they’ve done with this Alfa, also serve to make a car look a little different. You’re going to stand out in the mirror of the person your approaching, yet you are letting the paint scheme work with the shape of the front end too.

2010 Snetterton Ford Capri (ESSO)

2010 Snetterton Ford Capri (ESSO)

Finally, take this as an example of how to brand a car, and brand it well. If you choose your sponsor or inspiration carefully then the scheme can be developed from the basic logo outwards. The key is not just bunging a sticker on the side and being done with it, but actually using a creative design that makes the logo seem like an integral part of the looks and the car. Colour scheme consistency doesn’t hurt either.

All in all, there are loads of things you can do with a race car design – and all this just makes me think that my Wham idea for a MK1 Ford Capri actually has the potential to look pretty damn good.

Wham Bar

Wham Bar

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