Sports Car Crossover?| The Nissan Juke-R Concept Is Unveiled

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Now we know the Nissan GT-R is an outright beastly sports car, and the Nissan Juke, a mini-crossover with a desire to look sporty, but what kind of mischief will emerge should someone try to combine the pair?

Nissan Juke-R Concept

Well who needs speculation; Nissan have unveiled their Juke-R concept, with an elaborate body shape and paintwork to say the least. The concept was created by Ray Mallock Limited on behalf of Nissan and along with the reveal comes the news that two Juke-R’s will be created; one left-hand and one right-hand drive.

Testing will then follow next month, with the two cars being put through their paces with the hope of refining them into viable production models to go on sale. The Juke-R required a near-rebuild to incorporate the GT-R’s drivetrain, as well as new Brembo brakes and a custom roll cage; on top of the obvious modifications to the body and wheels (now including the GT-R’s 20” wheels).

To contain all of this sports car performance the Juke-R also employs the GT-R’s traction control, dynamics logic and engine control system as well as it touch-screen interface.

Yes it’s a little unrefined now, but I definitely see something behind Nissan’s newest venture; lets just see what they come up with after some testing!

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