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It’s a fantastic sight to see one of these vintage bubble cars in the flesh, and that’s just what happened when it visited the dairy of Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses. The Messerschmitt Bubble car was first manufactured in 1955 and it seems to be just as popular today as it once was, with the model having a substantial fan base and celebrity status.

Messerschmitt Bubble car

Messerschmitt Bubble car

It has experienced much of its publicity through Jeremy Clarkson’s experiences on Top Gear, but more prominently Fred Talbot’s travels around the North West for Granada TV. But these cars were more often seen during the 1960’s and like many vintage models the bubble car has an iconic design, and one which wouldn’t seem so practical these days. The Messerschmitt Bubble car was manufactured by aircraft engineer Fritz Frend and it appears to have more gusto than first imagined. With 9hp, the car can be propelled to around 65mph, a respectable speed for its small size! The tandem seating also helps for more controlled handling characteristics, providing a low centre of gravity and weight distribution.

Some may say that the lack of reverse gear and the compact design would mean in the summer it is more like driving a greenhouse on wheels, making the car totally unreliable, but there does seem to be a certain charm about the bubble car! Nearly fifty years beyond its release date in the 1960’s it still has a strong fan base and notability in the automotive industry.

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  • Volkswagen engines

    It is really having a royal look.The red hot color is giving more shine.

  • TireFan

    great! like a little funny insect!

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