Tata Motors brings its new innovative concept to the Geneva Motorshow| Introducing: The Pixel

Post image of Tata Motors brings its new innovative concept to the Geneva Motorshow| Introducing: The Pixel

About Tata…

Indian multinational automotive corporation Tata from Mumbai are looking to make waves at the fast approaching Geneva Motor Show this March. Tata Motors, part of the Tata group is the largest automotive company in South Asia. Leading the way in commercial vehicles, it ranks within the top 3 of  the passenger vehicles category, and is world-wide the 4th and 2nd largest Truck and bus manufacturer respectively. The infamous company is proudly recognised as ‘India’s most popular brand’ based on an annual survey conducted by Brand Finance and The Economic Times.

With such Esteemed heritage it is clear to see that Tata takes its automotive innovation very seriously, making one of its current concepts the ‘Pixel’ extremely welcome at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show.

Introducing: the Pixel

The Pixel is Tata’s (looking surprisingly somewhat smart car inspired) latest piece of technological ingenuity, featuring a rear wheel pivot system enabling the car to move on a completely new axis. Do you have parking problems? Are you constantly shying away from those convenient but risky parallel parking spots?  Well have no fear, with the Pixel concept featuring new Torotrak technology. This interesting new piece of technological design enables a car to perform handbrake turn esq. manoeuvres, moving the car in incredible new ways, making those difficult parking spaces a thing of the past.

The ‘zero-turn’ capabilities of the  the car (based on a real wheel pivot system) mean that the car can turn on the spot. The company director went on to clarify “Imagine backing into a parking space. Rather than having to allow space to straighten up, the front of the car just swings in as it pivots.” The extremely clever design of the technology even allows the vehicle to store the specific motion patterns required to complete a three-point turn within its internal memory.

We can see its everyday application, helping the less spatially aware squeeze in and out of the less practical parking bays at the local Tesco, but the question remains would you buy one?

Introducing: the Pixel

Fancy getting behind the wheel?

...and from the back

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Posted by admin   @   10 February 2012

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6 Opinions

  • Stevie hawks

    Whoever wrote this is somewhat poetical with their language. I would hire them instantly.

  • http://listers.co.uk/Skoda/Coventry Skoda Servicing Coventry

    This pixel car is really awesome. It’s shape is so unique. If you look it in front view, it looks like a white mouse. The door opens in incredible4 way. I wish I could have one of this.

  • Ken89

    This is the best version i’ve seen http://on.fb.me/yJdO5R <<< fully equipped! DAMNNNnn

  • http://reconditioning-battery.blogspot.com/ Reconditioning battery

    Looks like India is catching up with other car makers. It’s one of their best looking ones yet.

  • Samir mirou

    ????? ????? ??? ?? 

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