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For many people, safety is one of the most important factors when buying a new car and fortunately for European car buyers there are regular NCAP safety tests carried out on all new models. This gives the buyer the chance to look at models side by side and decide which offers the best safety standards.

The NCAP rating, a European Standard applied to all new cars, is the indicator, so let’s have a look at the ten best scoring cars across all model variations…

Family Saloon:

BMW 5 Series

This perennial favourite simply gets better and better, and the safety features built into the popular German executive models are second to none. With a range of different specifications to choose from it is no surprise the 5-series continues to be the choice of many, and as the top performing car in the latest NCAP safety tests BMW can be proud of its achievements.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta

The Alfa Romeo brand has undergone a spectacular revival in recent years with a raft of new, innovative and very attractive models adding to its popularity and reputation for classy sporty cars, and the Giulietta adds another string to the company bow by coming out on top as safest small family car in the latest tests.


Honda CR-Z

The supermini is a class of car that has practically taken over our roads lately, and the Honda CR-Z is a very impressive vehicle in more ways than one. Coming out top in the supermini safety tests means it is going to be very popular indeed, so get your order in now!

Compact Crossover SUV:

Kia Sportage

If you are looking for a small SUV the Kia Sportage has to be a contender. This is a manufacturer that has come a long way since its bargain-basement models of yesterday, and while prices are still very competitive indeed this is an attractive and great performing vehicle that also scores highest in its class in terms of safety.

 Compact MPV:

Toyota Verso

There is no surprise at finding a Toyota topping the small MPV class, and the Verso is very much a class act. This is a well built and refined family car that scores very highly in child and adult safety protection tests, and it comes in a range of specifications that keep it high on the best seller lists.


Suzuki Swift

Often overlooked in comparison with more common models in the class the Suzuki Swift is nevertheless a fives star performer when it comes to safety, and in a small car such as this you want all the protection you can get in the event of a crash.

Supermini MPV:

Kia Venga

Proof that Kia is a manufacturer very much in touch with the needs of drivers comes in the shape of the pretty and cleverly designed Venga, a car that – despite its diminutive dimensions – ranks very highly in current safety tests, and also comes at an excellent price.

Crossover Urban SUV:


For those who want a bigger SUV take a look at the popular BMW X1, a vehicle that offers five star safety standards and luxury specifications, and a range of clever safety assistance features that make it a favourite across the board.

Large MPV:

Volkswagen Sharan/Seat Alhambra

These models are the same car built by different VW group companies, and the model comes top in terms of safety among a strongly contested market for people carriers. In terms of reducing car accident claims and providing adult occupancy safety, there is nothing to beat this car on the roads right now.

Small Family Car:

Citroen C4

This attractive and typically quirky executive family car is one of the safest on the road and is packed with safest features that allowed it to score 97% in that area of the tests. Well priced with great looks and excellent comfort, this is one for the discerning driver who wants a bit of luxury and likes great value.

So there we have it, 10 of the safest cars from across the marketplace as judged by the experts at NCAP. But what about the car you definitely shouldn’t buy if you’re planning to get intimate with grass verges and street furniture? Well, that’d be the Chinese-built Landwind CV9, it scored two stars out of five in a recent NCAP test, scary.

Stephen Holly writes about car accident claims and whiplash compensation at a UK based website in the personal injury claims sector. Stephen also writes about personal injuries, sports injuries, accidents at work and asbestos related illnesses as well as serious head injury claims.


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