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The Geneva Motor Show as always brings us an array of high profile cars from the biggest manufacturers in the world. Our favourite from the line-up: The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Ferrari’s newest super car, as expected, is nothing to shake a stick at. The Athletically styled F12 Berlinetta presents a vast landscape of flowing continental lines, the front splitter is wildly styled and aggressive, in-fact the exterior is more than cosmetic, it manipulates the air flow around the car for increased down force and minimal drag.


Under the hood…

As expected the engine is as high performance as the exterior is beautiful, boasting 740 rampant Italian stallions under the hood, to say this Ferrari pulls is an understatement, the 12 cylinders heave the car off the line with the strength of Apollo, hitting the 62mph mark in as little as 3.1 seconds, hesitate for a further 5.3 seconds and you will be in triple digit territory.

Ferrari let the Berlinetta run a few laps around Fiorano, whilst snatching the record from the 599 GTO in the meantime. The Usain Bolt esq. coupe bested the record by a whole second, whilst toppling the mighty Enzo’s time by two whole seconds.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

The aesthetic qualities of the car might not be for everyone, but the performance… Unquestionable.

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  • coolgayguy

    and a one,
    and a four,
    and a ching-chong potatoe

  • Trico1112

    this is an amazing car

  • Honda Atvs

     Yes Ferrari is one of the best car in auto world.

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