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I have to say, Citroën have managed to produce a really stylish concept car here. Perhaps the fancy purple colour makes it most impressive, although I think the curvaceous stylised design makes a big impact too.

The car itself is actually very interesting. It is designed to be a hybrid that uses ecologically sound technology to maximise every bit of energy that the car produces and uses.  It is also trying to redefine the concept of a small car – featuring over-sized curves and huge wheel arches. These make it look different from all the boring box shaped cars that are currently flooding the city car market.

Apart from the hybrid engine, the most impressive part is the collection of photovoltaic cells that cover the bonnet of the car, and which carry out the electric functions linked to on-board comfort, including when the vehicle is stationary. For these things you don’t have to use the batteries of the car, which is quite an impressive concept.

I don’t know about you, but I am excited about seeing this be released!

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Posted by admin   @   16 February 2010

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