The Development of In-Car Digital Technology

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As you know, we love a funky infographic here at THE Blog About Cars. There is something about the visual presenting of data that could otherwise be boring that we find hypnotic. We can never resist posting them, and hope that you don’t mind.

This particular infographic is pretty cool. It charts the development of technology in cars, from infotainment (read: what keeps you bopping along in the car and stops you dying of automotive boredom) through to navigation systems (the days of the boring TomTom are long behind us) through to the technically more important safety technology, which has come on leaps and bounds in just a few short decades. It even gives us a glimpse into the potential future developments of such tech, although we’re disappointed not to see nanotech (self healing paint, anyone?!) or night vision windscreens making an appearance! Still, it’s pretty damn good!

Car digital technology infographic.
Infographic by: Allianz Australia Car Insurance.

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3 Opinions

  • Enterprise Car Sales

    ¬†Cool infographic; too bad the safety features end at year 2006. As for the future technologies such as Ford’s Sync and auto park; that is actually existing. In the future we”ll see talking cars (which the infographic left out).

  • Brittanie Holderness

    That’s another nifty infographic! That timeline goes to show that digital technology in cars has come a long, long way since its humble beginnings. Now, some of a car’s functions can be manipulated through phones. And yeah, the infotainment systems are the brainchild of those cassette tape players and transistor radios from older models.

  • Southern States Insurance

    Technology has to make leaps for cars in the coming years. The drastic increase in cell phone use while driving has to be supplemented by technology that allows the driver to communicate effectively and not impair their driving.

    I would love to see the glass of the windshield and steering wheel become more paired with devices!

    Texting and driving is nearly as dangerous as driving drunk.

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