The Frankfurt Motor Show | Audi’s Urban Concept

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Manufacturer’s concept cars often don’t see the light of day, just a way of getting publicity and audience attention at motor shows. Sometimes they morph into cars that do make the dealer showrooms however, far removed from the original concept.

Even though Audi’s new concept, revealed at The Frankfurt Motor Show, might be one of these cars, the Urban Concept  may be a window into Audi’s thoughts for the future.

It is very small seating only two people, who are sat side by side; albeit slightly offset. Audi say the vehicle will have an electric drive system, and will be as light as possible, containing no unnecessary weight and a low profile to enhance performance and driving range. To keep weight down there aren’t any doors, with occupants entering the cockpit, made from carbon fibre reinforced polymer, after sliding back the roof of the vehicle.

The urban will have two e-tron electric motors at its heart to drive it, and uses what Audi calls an “elaborate” suspension system. The concept, which has large 21-inch wheels, as yet has no published performance data.

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