The Future Is Small | “Mini” MINI Confirmed, Based on MINI Rocketman Concept

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For years, since the launch of the new MINI, I have been complaining. I wouldn’t mind, so much, if they were a little tongue in cheek. If those new, large hatchbacks were jokingly called the “MAXI”. I wouldn’t mind if someone, somewhere along the line, apologised for taking an awesome pint-sized car and making it into one that is… well… big. It just grates. Don’t even get me started on the MINI Countryman.

Mini Mini Rocketman Concept

The new MINI

So, it is with anticipation that I have been following the MINI Rocketman concept. The name is a little pretentious, granted, but here was a MINI that dared to be small. That admits it isn’t the size, but what you do with it that counts. And OK, so looks-wise it looks a little like a MINI bred with a smart car to produce curvy and alien looking babies, but still – it is small! Like 40cm longer and 50cm wider than the original kind of small.

"Mini" MINI Rocketman Concept From Above

From above!

As for the performance, well as you can guess this is a city car focused around reduced emissions and more miles per gallon. As such, the car is going to be available for three different power sources, electric, petrol and diesel. The most efficient petrol engine is expected to reach an average of 94MPG. As for the drive, well I doubt it has that strangely-pleasing-feeling-of-driving-an-iconic-tin-can vibe that the original MINI has going on, but it is likely to be relatively basic and a little sporty. The press release goes on more about the wide opening doors and cockpit, so I wouldn’t get all that excited about anything other than looks!

As for when we can expect this long overdue MINI model on the shelves? Well, not until 2014. You’ll simply have to wait.


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3 Opinions

  • Bigdaddy

    Well its definitely mini with Mini. Car nowadays are getting smaller and smaller and as i observed its because of petrol price is getting higher and higher. Cars are manufactured smaller for efficient fuel with environment friendly factor and additional high-tech equipment.

    Overall, this mini-Minis will be a great icon for new generations.

  • Used cars

    Wow..that’s pretty looking smart small car….but is this a cheap cars or costly?

  • Anonymous

    It’s supposed to be reasonably affordable :)

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