The New Audi A3 | Are You Ready For The Next Instalment?

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Are you ready for the latest instalment of Audi A3 awesomeness? That’s right, this September the latest edition Audi A3 will be making an appearance at your local dealership. The A3 has been widely considered one of the worlds most popular cars, and we’ve had our eyes set on this one since it’s debut at the Geneva Motor Show. As can be expected from an Audi we can see big improvements all round, from the general aesthetics of the car to      the finely tuned machinery under the bonnet.



The new A3 will come in a slightly longer wheelbase configuration to give excess interior room and comfort. The most notable difference in this model will be made apparent by the front grille which has quite literally had a facelift.  The large rectangular grille shows off the famous Audi logo, whilst the headlamps are angled in giving an aggressive and sporty appearance. Adding to this sporty image, the car has some beautiful lines, a sharp side shoulder line with lower dynamic lines as well as sharp fold lines on the front bonnet really give you some Idea what this car is about.



as can be expected the A3 Quattro edition will provide superb handling and grip as power is evenly supplied to all four wheels.  A new feature with this model of A3 is the Auto drive select function. There are a number of modes: comfort, dynamic, auto, efficiency and individual. For long-distances, Comfort adjusts your set-up to create a more relaxing ride. Dynamic changes the settings for a sportier driving experience, adjusting steering and throttle response. The Auto mode adapts the system depending on the current driving situation while individual allows you to configure the dynamics of the car to your own preferences. A secondary feature in the new model is Audi Magnetic Ride, providing the driver with adaptive, forward thinking road holding ability. As we never know what type of road surface we might be facing in the UK,  with the new A3, your suspension can change just as quickly. The newest Audi instalment also comes with an optional S tronic 7 speed gearbox: allow dual clutch technology to make catalyse your gear change in 0.2 of a second.



The new A3 interior comes beautifully finished in leather with a wrap-around cockpit layout, including a centre console screen and a centre steering wheel touch pad. The multifunction wheel gives you a wide range of functions at your fingertips. The Car comes with a choice of two key options, one in the traditional remote locking style, and the other part of a newer innovative design to enable you to simply have the key on your person to gain access to and drive the car.

Are you interested in getting behind the wheel? For your chance to test drive the new A3 register your interest here! Test drive and give a short review of the car for your chance to win either an iPad, an Audi driving day experience or a £500 Ernest Jones voucher!

The Beautiful New A3 At Geneva!



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  • visalus ambassador

    Seems nice, but I just want them to build the Mighty FC. I knew a number of people that had Comanches and Cherokees with 5-speed manuals, but that seems unlikely to repeat.

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