The New Ford Focus ST

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Excellent performance and handling are two things the Ford Focus ST is known for. This car comes equipped with plenty of safety features and has a solid interior drivers are sure to love. The question many want answered though concerns how it holds up to other cars in its class. Here are some facts drivers are looking for when it comes to buying a new car.

  • The Ford Focus ST offers 39mpg and 169g/km when it comes to CO2 emissions. This puts it in the VED band H and it falls into insurance group 34.
  • The transmission on this vehicle is a six speed manual while the fuel delivery is turbo direct injection.
  • Engine size comes in at 1999cc and the car goes from 0-60 in 6.3 seconds on its way to a top speed of 154mph. Power input is 246bhp while torque is 360 Nm 266 lb-ft.

Drivers love the fact that this car handles city and country roads with ease, making it the perfect car for daily use. Families love the estate versions while the younger generation won’t mind being behind the wheel of a hatchback. Driving is fun again when you choose to go with this model.

Ford Focus ST

Ford Focus ST

The price on the Focus ST is more than reasonable and is much lower than certain cars in the class. Even with these low prices, you still get decent equipment levels, strong handling and practicality. What makes this different from the standard Focus is the excitement of being behind the wheel.

With three trim levels, drivers are sure to find one that meets their needs although most will be more than satisfied with what the standard ST has to offer. Here you get manual air conditioning, cloth seats, an alarm, 18-inch alloys and more. Upgrade to the ST-2 or the ST-3 and you get even more.

The one area where some find this car to be lacking is in its green credentials. The car gets decent fuel economy and CO2 emissions, yet others in the class definitely beat the Focus in this area. If you want an affordable car and aren’t as concerned about these two areas, this car is definitely one to check out. It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular cars the world over.

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