The New Peugeot RCZ | The Young Person’s TT?

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Peugeots aren’t exactly sexy. They tend to be fun and funky cars with a hefty dose of cialis buy online young attitude, but not muchin terms of style and looks. Don’t get me wrong – I am actually a fan of the brand, perhaps because I myself learnt in a 206. They always strike me as reliable and youthful, just lacking a little pizazz.

Well, no longer is this the case. The launch of their much discussed RCZ has propelled them into the arena with a few aestheticsheavyweights. Where before their only stylish cars were their coupes, now that have a model pretty enough to make people stop and coo. There is an uncanny resemblance to the ever popular Audi TT model, the original version of which has the same bubble shaped body and sleek streamlined shape. The difference, I suppose, is that the TT looks smart and somewhat executive, whereas the contrasting enveloping bonnet of the RCZ makes it stand out as something younger, fresher, and a bit different.

What do you think of the new Peugeot? Do you love it, or loathe it?

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Posted by admin   @   14 June 2010

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5 Opinions


    Now thats a beautiful car!

  • used car parts

    Really, It looks awesome. The RCZ is one of a tiny handful of cars that cost hot-hatch money but have the visual impact of something four or five times the price.

  • bpo

    these cars life is very long because its machinery is good…


    I really like this car.

  • Car Spares

    It is a very nice car and also a very nice interior. I am much impressed by all this. Also it contains many of the advanced features which is much beneficial.

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