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We’ve all done it. Seen a car drive by us in a particularly putrid shade, and turned to gawp after it. There are so many ugly cars out there that people actually buy, and there are so many horrific shades that they then choose to have it painted in. It does of course beg the question of why anyone would ever buy cars like that, but at least it gives us darn good fodder for a top 10 post like we have put together here!

7 Flip Paint TVR

Oil Coloured TVR

Some people may love this oily shade… but personally I think 7 Flip Paint is the devil’s work!

Ugly Beige Car

Ugly Beige Car

Is anything worse than boring beige? Well…

Metallic Brown Volvo Car

Poo Coloured Volvo...

… perhaps the remarkably poo coloured brown of this Volvo could give it a run for its money?

Gold Audi

The Midas Touch

Gold may be the colour of luxury, but it screams “cheap” on this Audi.

Lime Green Audi S5

A Classy Colour?

Lime green. Need I say more?

Murky Green Convertible

Murky Green Convertible

Not quite as offensive – but I think there is a reason green cars are the most likely to be involved in crashes…

Bright Orange Ford Focus ST

So orange...

So very orange. It hurts to look at. Ford have a lot to answer for, I often see these driving around!

A Vaguely Red Chrysler Cruiser

A Vaguely Red Chrysler Cruiser

If you are going to have a red car, the worst thing to do is chicken out and opt for a kind-of-red shade.

VW Polo Multicolored

A little bit of everything

My 9th option is the bright and horrible VW Polo. A car bought on a trip if there ever was one.

Now, I can’t think of a tenth, so I am opening the floor. Can you think of any other car colours as bad as these?!

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Posted by admin   @   7 December 2010

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13 Opinions

  • Roisin

    Nothing is as bad as the multi coloured polo. Nothing. Although I have to say I hate pink cars. I like pink, but it’s just the wrong colour for a car!

  • CarLockGuy

    They all look decent though compared to the rainbow colored car. I mean quite honestly who’d voluntarily want to pay for that?

  • shoegalfi

    That paint that looks both pink and orange, depending on how it catches the light. I think it’s a Nissan shade, I’m sure I’ve seen it on Micras.

    And there used to be a house near Thirsk in North Yorkshire that had TWO of those multicoloured Polos in the drive!

  • Concept Vehicle Leasing

    That pastel yellow colour that used to be on Micras back in the 90s! Those were awful!

  • findapart car parts

    No matter what colour your car is , it looks good covered in snow

  • Marc

    Can’t beleive any one would buy them Polo’s.

  • Marc

    Can’t beleive any one would buy them Polo’s.

  • Newark used dodge

    My focus is now to buy one used Chrysler model. I think I’ve to bring one of the above used car.
    But before buying, I’ve to get the detailed idea about my choice of Chrysler.
    I think by buying one used Chrysler may be of low in price.

  • Cheap cars buying

    All colors are not bad its just the car and the color should match. There are green and red cars but only specific cars look great. We already have race cars with 3 to 4 colors. Then why not use it on highways.

  • Hoboken used chrysler

    Great colorful models…..
    I just want to buy one used Chrysler soon. I hope the above red color Chrysler is one satisfied model that I want to buy.
    Give some more details related to the price and specification of such Chrysler.

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    Volvo is not that bad! In real looks pretty ok!

  • eds-garage.blogspot

    I call the beige “Old Man Tan”, not sure why so many people order new cars in that color.

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