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Now this is a video that comes with a cautionary warning for those who haven’t yet seen it – try not to get too creeped out. It’s definitely something that you will either love or hate, and as creepy as it may be at first glance I think the idea behind it is strong and the general message clear. That is, once you overlook the mind-bending nature of a giant man made out of people walking round his home in a stereotypical flat-cap and picking out clothes that are clearly far too small!

Somewhat unfortunately, some people seem to be calling for it to be pulled from TV screens, mainly due to them claiming it’s too scary or upsetting to watch. However, on a positive note, it’s definitely got people talking, and after all it’s as Toyota puts it; “They’re all a little different, just like us”.

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Posted by admin   @   12 October 2011

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