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In the spirit of having fun on a Monday, here is out list of the Top 10 most beautiful cars ever to have been produced. We have deliberately chosen a selection of modern and vintage cars, of all styles, so there should be something for everyone. However, we couldn’t choose what order to put them in as it caused far too many arguments in the office – so you may have to do that yourself!

1. Ferrari 458 Italia

Oh so sexy, in my humble opinion this is aesthetically the best car Ferrari have ever produced. Sleek, and just darn beautiful!

Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia

2. McLaren MP4-12C

Another new car in the line-up, this is a McLaren for people who normally hate McLarens. No matter how nice the shape, however, it is still horrible in orange. Sorry, but it’s true.

McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C

3. E-Type Jaguar

A true classic. Compact yet beautifully shaped, the E-Type shows that sometimes the best things come in small packages.

Jaguar E Type

Jaguar E-Type

4. A.C. Cobra

Another classic, but one that is so curvy and cute that it just had to be added to the list. Certainly not often a “sexy” member of lists like this, the Cobra is still incredibly pretty.

AC Cobra

AC Cobra

5. Porsche 356

One for the boys, the birth of the modern Porsches. Need I say more?

Porsche 356

Porsche 356

6. 1969 Shelby Mustang

I don’t feel I need to explain this one. Just look at the picture. Just look. Sleek, sexy, muscular and powerful, all on one package. The 2010 Mustang is pretty sexy too, a rare achievement in this day and age!

1969 Shelby Mustang

1969 Shelby Mustang

7. Audi R8

Bound to stir up some controversy is the Audi R8. This super-car tends to divide opinion, but I think it is as beautiful in real life as it is in the pictures, and is easily one of the fittest cars around.

Audi R8

Audi R8

8. Chevvy Corvette

Totally ridiculous, and really beautiful at the same time. This is one of those legendary cars that just looks great.

Chevvy Corvette

Chevvy Corvette

9. Facel Vega

Not the most obvious choices, as beautiful cars tend to be the curvy sexy ones. However, there is something regal, majestic and downright gorgeous about the Facel Vega, so it more than deserves its place on the list.

Facel Vega

Facel Vega

10. Aston Martin Vanquish

Speaking of curvy cars, here is the Vanquish. There had to be an Aston in the top 10, the only problem was deciding which one deserved to go on the list!

Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston Martin Vanquish

Do you agree with our choices?

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9 Opinions

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  • Sean

    my favorite is the Shelby mustang im 13 years of age and by the time im 17 im hoping to have enough seo experience to be able to afford one.

  • Steve

    Need a Jensen Interceptor SP in here!

  • auto transport quotes

    the Audi is cool..its modern in style and has a sleek design..

  • Roof Rack UK

    Mentioned all cars are world’s best cars. Audi R8 is one of my favorite car. It’s HP 420hp, 7800 RPM and 0-60 in 4.4sec. It’s awesome car.

  • Jenna Miles

    Incredible ! You definitely have done an excellent effort placing these inputs about most beautiful cars in the world!.Its awesome! These details are sure of terrific help..

  • Jessica

    i think the TVR tuscan is pretty amazing

  • Matthew

    Absolute fail list for not including the Bugatti Type 57, which is basically the most beautiful care in history.

  • John M.

    2 out of 10 not bad.  XK-E and Facel Vega.  and if you say “ever” you better do a little research. 

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