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Economical hatchbacks. Not perhaps the most exciting phrase I could have come up with. However, these compact and sensible little cars are the shape of choice for normal young people looking to drive a lot, or maybe even commute to work each day. They are cheaper to buy, and if you get the right one, cheaper to run and insure. All you’ve got to do is make sure that you buy one of the best and most economical hatchbacks out there – and this is our particular pick of the crop.

VW Polo BlueMotion Economical Hatchback

Polo BlueMotion

Name: Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion
Price: £14,860
MPG: 80.7 Combined
CO2: 91 g/km
Opinion: I am a major fan of Polos in general (and not the minty sugared variety), because although they aren’t necessarily the cheapest or the most exciting, they are the sort of sturdy and reliable car that also comes with a decent set of little luxuries as standard. They also, thanks to the VW Bluemotion technology, are definitely one of the more economical hatchbacks available.

Skoda Fabia Economical Hatchback


Name: Skoda Fabia (1.2 TDI CR)
Price: £13,805
MPG: 83.1 Combined
CO2: 89 g/km
Opinion: You know that the Fabia impressed us at Goodwood, and it continues to do so in the economy stakes. OK, so the VRs is where the fun really lies, but this is a serious contender in the market, and a hatchback that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Toyota Yaris Economical Hatchback


Name: Toyota Yaris (1.4 D-4D)
Price: £13,555
MPG: 67.3 Combined
CO2: 110 g/km
Opinion: The cheapest of the bunch, you do pay the price a little in terms of economy and CO2 emissions. However, I think it is fair to conclude that the Yaris is a popular car for a reason – it is fun to drive, has personality, and combines all this with the typical no-nonsense Toyota attitude.

Ford Fiesta Economical Hatchback


Name: Ford Fiesta (1.6 TDCi Duratorq)
Price: £15,645
MPG:  78.5 Combined
CO2: 95 g/km
Opinion: You have to pay a lot for a Fiesta – they aren’t cheap, just like most Fords. However, they are great cars to be driven in, with plenty of room, and they also boast a remarkably low CO2 emissions level, well into Grade A on the scale. They are also prettier now than they used to be, making them the luxury option.

Seat Ibiza Economical Hatchback


Name: Seat Ibiza Ecomotive
Price: £13,490
MPG:  80.7 Combined
CO2: 92 g/km
Opinion: This is the car for someone who likes to drive something good looking and sporty in style, but who still wants impressive fuel economy and rock-bottom CO2 levels. In fact, this may be the best all-rounder thanks to the 80.7 MPG combined it achieves, and the funky stylish look it gives off without even trying.

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