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The Toyota IQ is a celebrated piece of automotive styling. I hear that Aston Martin are abandoning their sleek lines in favour of an angular, sharp nosed approach based on the visuals from the compact IQ brand.

Toyota Verso S Interior

Toyota Verso S Interior

OK, so I made that up. It is, in fact, complete nonsense. The IQ is a car that is pretty good at what it does, but which is unlikely to ever win any awards in the design stakes. It just isn’t all that inspiring, and I actually find the strange squished in shape to lean more towards ugliness than beauty. It is because of this that I am so disappointed to hear about the latest new car to be planned by the brand – the Verso-S.

The Verso S, you see, is a Toyota People Carrier. It is aiming to be “‘small, spacious and smart – an object lesson in space management”, which I presume explains the short stunted shape. Its design inspiration is taken directly from the IQ, and I am not impressed!

What do you think? Does the IQ look work on anything bigger than a matchbox?

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Posted by admin   @   9 September 2010

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5 Opinions

  • hid xenon kit

    It is really a pity that i have no money to have this car.

  • Supercars

    I don’t lake it! It looks bad. There is a lot of cars like this. We need something new
    Supercars´s last blog post ..Audi A9

  • derick

    Kinda cool to me but a little tight I guess.
    derick´s last blog post ..Find car direct ING insurance to get a better deal


    It looks really good.

  • Carfreak20

    Toyota Verso-S is a spacious car. It’s small exteriors gives a very smart look and feel to it.
    Toyota IQ styling is giving it a feel of a sports car.

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