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Who would believe that a 1990’s car could ever be classed as vintage. Well, perhaps it is the styling or perhaps it is the fact that 1990 is now 20 years long gone, but I think the beautiful Nissan Figaro deserves to join the vintage car club. At the very least, the 1991 or 1992 models can slip into the net!

As most of my fantasy cars involve a hefty dose of American muscle, most people are surprisedwhen I reveal my love for the Nissan Figaro. After all, it is about as far away in style to muscle cars as the north pole is to the south! I don’t know if we will ever own anything other than our VW polo, but if ever I have the opportunity this is what I will drive. They are pricey (restored versions start at around £3k), I think the cute bubble shape and retro look are easily worth it – and I could see myself driving round it in, vintage scarf around my neck and poodle (acquired and then dyed to match the car) on the seat beside me. What a picture!

The looks make this a legend, yet they are modern enough not to be falling apart quite yet. What more could a gal want?!

What are you favourite vintage cars?

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Posted by admin   @   19 January 2010

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