Viral Video | Fuel Prices on the Rise Before our Very Eyes!

Post image of Viral Video | Fuel Prices on the Rise Before our Very Eyes!

TV News Report Captures Fuel Price Accretion Live on Air!

A live ABC news report on the constantly growing price of gas in the United States has gone viral recently due to shocking images of fuel price fluctuation live on air! During the short 3 minute news broadcast live from the forecourt, the price of Regular, Plus and Super Premium rose by a massive 10 cents! The sign behind reporter Cecilia Vega indicated the dramatic change in price, urging viewers not to blink when filling up their cars!

Some scepticism has arisen from the video claiming that the network staged the price change for the time of the broadcast to increase the impact of the message, ABC have since however denied such claims. ┬áThe elevation in fuel price could not have come at a worse time for┬áPresident Barack Obama, who aims to address the rising public anxiety about the volatility of gas pricing. Economists have stated that there is little a president of any party can do about gasoline prices in the short term, but it’s clear that the public are worried – an opinion poll revealed that 7 out of 10 participants consider the issue of deep importance – so it’s sure to be a topical political theme during the summer.

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