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The Passat has been an incredibly successful design for Volkswagen, and the sales figures of 15 million over the past thirty seven years (in 100 countries) may be the reason why Volkswagen didn’t attempt to make too many dramatic changes to the new model. The seventh generation Passat that was launched at the 2010 Paris Motor Show has been revamped, but not totally remodelled, by Klaus Bischoff; the head of design at VW.

Volkswagen Passat 2011

Volkswagen Passat 2011

Volkswagen has defiantly been doing some tinkering and the Passat engine has been significantly improved. It has been reported to be quieter, and far more advanced. Designers have enabled fatigue detection systems, automatic parking and city breaking systems that protect the car and driver from collisions. All round the car has a more sophisticated feel to it due to the technology installed.

However the Passat additions don’t stop with the technology, the interior has been freshened up and now includes heated or cooling seats, and massaging functions. The dashboard includes a whole host of new dials and features such as; chrome inserts and an analogue clock – features that you would expect to see on more luxury models such as the Phaeton or Touareg.

Volkswagen Passat Interior

Volkswagen Passat Interior

Powering the new Passat is a range of highly powerful and efficient Diesel and Petrol engines meaning that the drive is smoother and more economical; with the Passat being capable of a range of 1000 miles on a single tank of Diesel. In addition engines can be specified with a choice of manual or DSG gear boxes, giving the driver an expansive choice.

The 2011 model appears to be more responsive and it has the features that make it a convenient choice in the saloon car market. The automatic boot opening system for the keyless entry specification and systems that improve responsiveness on slippery roads are little extras which make it that slightly more superior to its predecessor.

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  • Land rover discovery 4

    This car is cool. Volkswagen is a good brand no doubt. this model of volkswagen is awesome.

  • James

    Volkswagon is a cool brand. This model is cool.

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