Wacky Automotive News | Millionaire Pays to Destroy His Lamborghini

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Not happy with your customer service? Disappointed with the performance of a luxury product? Fed up with chasing for apologies when something breaks? Well, then there is only one thing left to do – hire a mob bearing sledgehammers to make your point for you.

At least, this was the opinion of the Chinese millionaire who this week paid a group of workers to take some heavy tools to his very expensive Lamborghini Gallardo, which broke down just 6 months in. Having not ha d a repsonsse from the Lamborghini CEO about his disappointment, Mr Han apparently decided to take matters into his own hands!

The result? One very smashed Lamborghini, and a news story that has swept the world!

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2 Opinions

  • http://www.ceattyres.in Sam

    Thats the most wacky thing ever
    Why would some one do so?

  • http://www.supremeautoparts.com/category-car-mirrors.php Car mirrors

    my god… why just dont give that to us…

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