Weather Beating Convertibles | How Much Can You Get A Summer Convertible For?

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This summer has been a bit of a mixed bag on the weather front, but it’s been good enough for many people to still take the roof down on their cars.

With possibly a couple of months of reasonable weather left can you find a cheap convertible car to take advantage of some topless motoring? Well we like a challenge and finding a suitable car but with a maximum budget of £2,000 is a good challenge indeed.

First stop is the plethora of online classified motoring sites including the well known names of Auto Trader, Motors, and Ebay plus some of the bigger dealer sites like Sytner, Marshall, and Motorparks – just in case.

It was amazing how many cars without a roof were available, so deciding on the best one was quite difficult. There were two seaters, petrol and diesel models, soft tops and hard tops. We reviewed Renault’s, Ford’s VW’ s and SAAB’s amongst others – all were less than £2,000, some even under £1,000.

MG Convertible

So what was the final choice? The vote definitely goes to a MGF 1.8i with only 60,000 miles in a stylish blue, found on Fish4. How much I here you say!  Well a snip at only £1,475, I wonder what they’ll take off for cash!

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