What do you think of the Tata EV? | Coventry-made Production Car Reaches the Real World

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At the end of March the new Coventry based Tata car manufacturing plants began production on the car that is likely to to take over from the world-famous Nano.

Where the Nano was all about being teeny-tiny and costing an equally teeny-tiny price, the Vista EV is about offering electric car technology to the masses, without the quite so small price tag. In fact, although prices aren’t officially out yet, people are expecting it to be about the same price as the other electric cars on the market, which is quite a break from the norm for this Indian car and technology giant.

25 of these EVs have now been completed and sent out for some West Midlands based early adopters to have a go with. If you live in the area like we do, it is worth keeping an eye out (and of course letting us know if you spot one!).


Tata Indica Vista EV1
Tata Indica Vista EV1

As for the looks? Well, this car, if we are brutally honest, looks a little like a Ford. And one of the duller ones at that. Still, it is compact and no doubt a good car for the younger generation, meaning that it could be a big player.

Want one for yourself? The Viasta EV1 will be available to fleet buyers this summer, but may not go on sale to individuals for a while after that. Better start working on the boss then…

Finally, much as electric cars are always interesting, we have an article to write later this week about the latest innovations in hydrogen engines. Are electric cars really a long term plan?


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Posted by admin   @   11 April 2011

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  • http://twitter.com/ElectricCarInfo ElectricCarInfo

    I am part of the trial of the TATA EV.

    We have been using electric cars since 2006 including the REVA G-Wiz, Mitsubishi i MiEV and now the TATA EV. All the cars have their own advantages the TATA is the fact that it is comfortable and simple to drive.

    You discuss the looks, the reaction we have had so far is that people prefer the looks, it does not stand out as much as some of the other electric cars on the road.

    We are planing some range tests in the next few weeks, to see what we can achieve from the TATA compare to other electric cars.

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