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The fifth generation M5 is finally out, and it definitely boasts many mouth watering features for all you M5 fans out there. The new model has a 4.4-litre twin-turbo at the heart of it and has 552bhp powering it at 6000-7000rpm. However if you think that’s impressive the new torque figure for the M5 is even more so: offering 502Ib ft from only 1500rpm to 5750rpm. They’ve even gone to the troubled of replacing the old gear box with a new seven-speed dual clutch M-DCT gearbox which has both manual and automatic settings. The combination of all this allows the M5 to do 0-62mph in 4.4 seconds and despite being limited at 155mph, the M Driver’s Package as optional lets you boost that to a much nicer 190mph should you so desire.

The design of the M5 doesn’t let it down either, coming with all the little trimmings that make BMW’s all the more luxurious; quad exhausts, side vents and even a spoiler to make it all the more sporty-looking. It maintains its muscular look while being modelled with sleek curves and a almost cat-like front that really is beautiful.

The Audi RS5

However at £73,040 as standard is it worth the money considering the competition from the RS 5? Starting at just £58,725 in comparison. The RS 5 has a 4.2-Litre V8 engine with 450bhp and a torque of 430nm at 4,000-6,000rpm, also fitted with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. So yes, the M5 has higher statistics, but is it really worth the extra £14,000 or so? In the end I think the new M5 is definitely more of a purchase of the heart, how else would you justify the extra £14,000. If you’re a BMW lover who’s passionate about the previous generations of M5 and is prepared to spend the necessary £73,000 then this is the car for you. If not, maybe it’s worth comparing the competitors, because as beautiful and powerful as it is, maybe £14,000 is a little too much to stretch to?

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2 Opinions

  • http://twitter.com/Zero2Turbo Zero 2 Turbo

    I flipping love this car!!! I would buy one instantly if I had the cash! Its expensive but its a BMW Motorsport car… Worth every cent! http://www.zero2turbo.com

  • http://www.duramerica.com/commercial-auto-insurance.html commercial auto insurance

    €14,00 is really too much money for a vehicle that is only slightly better spec-wise.  Also, I prefer the look ofo the Audi more than the BMW,  Surprisingly enough.

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