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Twitter and the online world have been abuzz today with the news of a 63 year old classic car that is just about to embark on a journey that will take it from Barnsley to New Zealand, via Russia, Mongolia and China in between. It’s a long un, clearly, and even with a relatively simple and easy to fix 1948 MG TC it is bound to come with its own share of excitement and adventures.

barnsley to new zealand road trip

The Map...

So, inspired by the owners of this classic car, we thought we would share with you some of the best driving routes we can think of in the world, and invite you to contribute your own suggestions in the comments below.

1. Route 66, USA

The Famous Route 66

An Iconic Route Well Travelled

Yes, it’s a cliché. And yes, it certainly has been done before. And yes yes yes, the route will be packed with tourists all doing exactly the same trip. However, once you have read Jack Kerouac’s On The Road and got that itchy beat generation jazz beat in your toes, you will know why it is such a popular choice.

2. Northern Territory, Australia

The Australian Outback

Entering the Outback...

If your road trip is as much a journey of self discovery as it is a chance to get a beautiful car onto the vast expanses of hot tarmac, then Australia might be the one of you. The outback is terrifying, yet inspiring, full of great expanses of absolutely nothing and some of the most spiritual sites you could see. A proper journey to Ayers Rock from some breezy coastal location is bound to stir the spirit into action. A word of warning though – you need lots of water, and a good car.

3. Alpine Road, Germany

Alpine road, Germany

Stunning Locations

It perhaps lacks the immense time requirements and scale of other monumental road trips, but roads like this are all about seeing things. This in particular looks to be a spectacular route, winding high in the Alps through meadows and forests. Properly scenic, yet the 300mile length should be enough to allow people with rather less of a holiday supplement to get their fix.

4. South Island, New Zealand

Highway 6 New Zealand

Haast Pass

New Zealand is one of those places that has lots of sights. The entire thing would make the ideal road trip, and it is as such popular with the campervanners and the coach trips. In particular, however, Highway 6 stands out, what with its combination of mountain and coastal driving, and it’s proximity to favourite locations such as Fox’s Glacier.

5. Alaska Highway, US

The Alaska Highway

The Route

From one icy glacier to an entire icy country,this route isn’t likely to be a favourite with the sun worshippers. However, this route (all 1,422 miles of it) has more than enough to convince any naysayers. Where should I start? The history perhaps, that World War II heritage that saw  its construction? Or perhaps the chance you might end up fact to face with nature, with bears and wildlife bound to etch itself in your memory? Or, perhaps, with the availability of Alaska’s ferries to make the journey into a more rounded event.

So there you have a selection. I know that much has been missed off – the Karakoram Highway, for instance, or the path of Che Guevara’s final days. Or the 1,000 lakes in Finland. As a sample, however, it gives an idea of length and breadth of the incredibly road trips available both further afield and on our European doorsteps.

Where would you recommend?

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