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Owning a car, driving a car, or caring about a car are all very different things. However, one unifying characteristic of all of them is the permission that doing these things gives you to rant. To get angry, about certain things that are really, really annoying. To go off on a diatribe of niggles and foibles that you just can’t stand. To find some things so obvious that you just can’t understand why on earth someone hasn’t fixed the problem. Whether it’s fellow drivers, the government or just driving as a whole, there are plenty of things to rant about. So, in the spirit of grumpiness (and following a particularly incensed session the other day), what are some of the most common car rants that we all know and love?

1. Car Insurance

Let’s put it this way. You pay an awful lot of money for this every year. You legally HAVE to have it, and there is no way around it. However, despite paying a premium you a) have to pay an excess if anything does happen to you, b) have to pay a higher premium if you have made claims in the past, and so c) essentially can’t actually claim anything short of car totalage without kicking yourself in the proverbial nuts. It’s a rip-off scheme, pure and simple.

2. Queuing

Intrinsically linked to learner drivers and other drivers. Also intrinsically linked to overpopulation of the country, too many cars on the road, and the fact that noone seems to understand that YOU NEED TO GET SOMEWHERE, FAST. Nowadays queueing, waiting in queues, and slowly crawling after a group of cars who seem to think that a slightly misty morning means they have to drive at 5 miles an hour seems to take up most of our time on the roads. Heaven forbid it should ever snow.

A bit jammed...

3. Road Condition

“What do we pay our taxes for?!” is the common moaning of drivers, cyclists and people who live in areas with unattractive road surfaces alike, generally uttered just before or after nose-driving the vehicle into a 10foot deep pot hole, or experiencing adverse camber that shouldn’t exist. With heads aching from continually smashing them into the roof, and after replacing the tyres every 100 yards (and the suspension every 200), car drivers have been known on more than one occasion to question why on earth we pay any taxes at all if all it seems to go towards is something thoroughly non-automotive.

4. Learner Drivers

We’ve all been them, but no matter how much empathy we have it is sometimes good fun to have a rant about the poor little creatures buzzing steadily and slowly along the main road at 20 miles an hour, before stalling at the junction and rolling gently sideways into a ditch, crying. Still, rant away, but always remember – we were them once, and if they don’t get taught slowly and well, they will soon become…

5. Other Drivers

The bane of every motorists existence, it is sometimes worth remembering that, to everyone else on the road, you are the “Other Driver”. Incompetent, insensitive and apparently not linked into your every decision-making process, the other drivers continually get in our way, stop us doing what we want to do, and make our lives that much harder. Oh, for a clear road devoid of life, with a driving song on the stereo and the wind in your hair!

6. Petrol Prices

Up they go. And for a while we moan about it, loudly and dramatically, on the TV, the radio and marching down the streets. Then it reaches a certain point, and the car people switch from public anger, to the sort of quiet muttering rants that generally precedes a big boycott or (more likely) the ranting souls reaching into their pockets and paying anyway. Of course, driving for drivings sake is now totally devoid of life – it costs and arm and a leg, and there are too many of the other drivers on the road to make it fun anyway. Rant rant rant.

[Pothole image source: here]
[Traffic image source: here]
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2 Opinions

  • http://courtdemone.ca Court Demone

    It’s great to be able to share grievances with an audience instead of a steering wheel, isn’t it?

  • http://www.rayskillmanford.com/section/secondary/buy-here-pay-here-car-lots-in-indianapolis-special/ Erwin Calverley

    How about traffic? Heavy traffic that results to poor road conditions and probably the use of car insurance. Potholes, in particular, can damage your tires severely, especially when you are not able to slow down enough as you approach these. Ouch!

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