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With the continuing maelstrom of news surrounding the environment, every day signalling new records, breakthroughs, loss and warming; the world as we know it faces one of the biggest and most dangerous natural changes in recorded history.

Towards the end of July it was announced that Greenland showed evidence of 97% surface melt in a period of just four days; possibly the most terrifying and sobering figure to have surfaced in the past ten years, so much so that it signals the changing definition of global warming from a prospect, through to a certain reality.


Shrinking away…

This continuing conveyor belt of information however, has not gone unnoticed either by major companies such as Mercedes as both the company itself and its parent, Daimler are in the researching stage of changing the way in which we travel and live.

So much so that in November of this year, the United Kingdom shall be introduced to the E-Class Hybrid; both one of the cleanest and the lowest emission cars that the brand has ever manufactured.

Not only will the car yield a fuel economy of 65.7mpg, but its emissions will be as low as 109g/km C02 (not bad considering that the Mercedes Benz C-Class 63 AMG emits 280g/km CO2).

But how does it does emit so little carbon dioxide?

The answer is simple, much like the Honda Insight, the engine utilises a combined diesel engine with a lithium-ion battery; almost kissing the environment as it speeds past. Of course, when one tends to think of hybrid vehicles, they assume Jeremy Clarkson-esque grimaces and form complaints about engine power.

Of course, in some cases, those complaints are completely valid; in this case however, they are wrong. Not only does the car inhibit a total of 2,143cc, but the battery itself yields a fearsome 20kW, meaning that it will sprint to 61mph in a precious 7.5 seconds, reaching a top speed of 105mph; still 35mph more than necessary.

Priced at around £39,645 for the saloon edition, and £41,435 for the estate, you will drive away in the knowledge that every pound you have spent is not only assured, but also has the kind complacency of being for the greater good.

But why is the introduction of hybrid cars necessary?

Not only is the environmental clock ticking against us, but also the financial and personal one is too.

Every year in the United Kingdom 50,000 die solely because of the emissions that come out of our cars; a deplorable amount for a ‘first world’ country. Not only does this mean that the environmental issue is being brought not to our doorsteps, but into our very homes; because of this horrific figure the government of the United Kingdom is being sued year on year by the European Union for the filthy air that pollutes major cities such as London.

It is not as if the government is lying dormant however, as in this very moment it is fighting to curb the carbon emissions that the country is producing. By 2020, it must have curtailed its C02 emissions by a total of 34% by 1990 levels, a gargantuan amount by any standards.

Again, if the United Kingdom does to comply with these legally binding conditions, the cost will not only be environmental, but also devastatingly financial; hailing the necessity of hybrid cars for not only the few, but for us all.

The Mercedes E-Class Hybrid shall be available from retailers such as Inchcape Mercedes from November 2012.


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