Is this the best used car listing ever?

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It is, seemingly, just yet another Ford Focus being sold by yet another beige and boring eBay seller. That is, until you look a little closer, and then the ordinary turns into the utterly extraordinary!

So, how do you set a run of the mill mint green Focus ahead of the crowd? Through sheer wit and genius, that’s how. Our eBay seller took each element of the otherwise dull listing and added hilarious (and potentially drunk!) copy that made reading it a joy, and ensured that even the least likely to buy read it right to the very end.

The cars colour?

If Trebor made car paint then I imagine it would look something like the colour of this car, it’s a pale minty green. I will include some green Trebor mints in the sale so that you can compare for yourself.

What about the interior?

Inside its quite lovely, dark and mysterious but shiny and clean. I would feel quite happy to host a business conference inside it. Refreshments could be served through one of the electrically operated windows. Drinks could be placed in 1 of the 2 available cup holders.

How old is it?

It’s a Ford Focus from 2001 which is exactly 1 year after 2000 when the world didn’t end and VCRs continued to work.

Once the listing itself stopped generating buzz, our genius-or-completely-insane author (who undoubtedly has something of a screw loose) added to the social media potential by drawing pictures of what the car could be were it, say, converted into a boat. Or taken underwater shark fishing.  Y’know, as you do.

Don’t take our word for it though – go look for yourself! The listing is here.

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Posted by admin   @   3 August 2012

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  • Mark James

    Sounds awesome – wish I had a flux capacitor fitted to my car now so I could go back in time and bid on it…since reading this, there’s now a void in my life that only a mint green 2001 Ford Focus could fill…

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