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Fuel prices are at an all time high as the average cost for a litre of unleaded petrol in the UK currently sits at 140.20 pence, an increase of around 8p since the start of the year.
Diesel prices are also particularly high, resting at 146.72p per litre.  The AA state that owning a car now costs on average an additional £8.44 per month, the AA goes on to state that the number of car breakdowns due to insufficient fuel are up 20% as a result of the ever increasing cost of the commodity.

The motoring organisation lay blame to a number of factors behind the increase, including the pound’s weakness against the dollar, stating “For every 10 cents the pound falls against the dollar,  motorists were paying another 3p or 4p at the pump”.

RAC technical director, David Bizley, stated: “£1.40 a litre is a massive price for people to have to pay and there is no end in sight to rising prices. The way things are going the planned duty rise will see average petrol prices hit the £1.50 a litre mark – forcing more and more people who need their cars off the road.”. It seems there is still a long way to go, in terms of restoring the value of motoring. We only hope that one day fuel prices can return to a manageable rate, like the good old days…




Ahh the glory days of fuel prices...

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Posted by admin   @   23 March 2012

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3 Opinions

  • Ford Dealer

    It’s like that here in America too, mate. As long as the government continues to push against fossil fuels, it’s likely to continue to go up.

  • Guy Manningham

    We feel your pain, brother. A while back, we wrote this article on tricks, myths and secrets to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy. Hope it helps.

  • News Buddy

    Tories in petrol panic…

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