We LOVE Bollywood Car Stunts!

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Everyone loves car chases. Granted, we normally like the cars involved to be awesome in some way or other, but give us a car moving at any semblance of a fast pace, driven by a stunt driver Hollywood star, and we’re sold. Throw in plenty of drama and maybe the occasional fireball, and you can’t really beat it. The more ridiculous, the better – the more obscene the diversion from reality, the more the adrenaline pumps and (most importantly) the more we smile.

So, let us introduce the awesomeness that is the Bollywood version. Reality in any guise is left sprawling on the pavement wondering what on earth it was that just clobbered it from behind. The lead guy is so alpha male that his moustache has its own spin-off, and gravity, speed and power are all redefined.

Don’t get us wrong. We know this is bad. It might even be Bad, with a capital B. But what is also undeniable is that, underneath is all, this is the best bad-good video we have seen in a long while.

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Posted by admin   @   28 June 2012

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