2011 Ford Mustang | Are Muscle Cars Getting Economical?

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Who would have thought that one day we would actually be delivered American cars that manage a reasonable level of fuel economy. These cars are not only created by American gas-guzzling giants, but they are famed for their ridiculously huge engines and ability to drink an entire tank in what seemed like a matter of minutes.

Nowadays, however, the car industry is all about saving money, saving fuel, and consequently saving the world. Manufacturers who produce cars that don’t meet the public’s new standards┬átend to at the very least get berated – and at the worst see their sales drop.

2011 Ford Mustang - Quite Economical!

As a massive fan of Mustangs, I have always wished the miles per gallon figures were higher, so that I could actually justify buying one for myself. I probably can’t afford it, but now Ford have released the 2011 Mustang the dream is getting a little closer. You see, the 2011 is declared by the EPA to have 19 mpg city and 31 mpg highway – figures that make it easily the best-in-class. These figures also put it above other cars with far smaller engines than this versions mammoth 5.0 litre!

Does this mean that one day we can hope for massive power and fuel economy?

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Posted by admin   @   24 March 2010

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  • http://www.stangmods.com StangMods

    We are really excited for the 2011 Mustangs to hit the ground. Its amazing to see the V6 with 300 horsepower and still be able to get 30 mpg. In addition, the return of the 5.0! Excellent job Ford!

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    Story, i enjoyed sharing this.

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