Dream Technology | What Do You Imagine for the Future of the Automotive Industry?

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Firstly, a word of warning. This is not a serious post. This isn’t a post about the latest cars, or about stats and figures. Instead, this is the sort of post where I get completely carried away by my own over enthusiastic imagination, which generally translates immediately into slightly insane rambling and the creation of absurd yet entertaining ideas.

Anyway, what this post is, is a summary of the wackiest and most unlikely technologies that could one day find their way into our cars. Some of them may actually feasibly be a possibility, whilst others are… well… a little more peculiar. Enjoy, and add your own suggestions in the comments!

  1. Self-Driving cars
  2. Google are already taking a step in the right direction with this, but I imagine a world where all of the cars communicate on a giant network, allowing seamless driving and a dramatic minimisation in crashes and fatalities. Essentially I am thinking about the cars in iRobot, just IRL.

  3. Colour changing cars
  4. Audi reckon we might have this car by 2020. I’m not as convinced, but the idea of nanotech being applied to a car in a way that can a) make it change colour, and b) make it heal, is pretty cool. I have this image of the colour being changed at the flick of a switch, and even being able to decorate it with flames, flowers and more. Just imagine – sunflowers in summer, snow decoration in winter!

  5. Amphibious cars
  6. Amphibious Car Underwater

    Fancy a swim?

    These have kind of been made, but they just aren’t that practical or effective yet. I don’t think I am speaking just for myself when I hope for a car that can slide with no more than a gentle stream of bubbles into the lake, only reemerging once the danger has passed. And yes, in my imaginings I am in a Bond film. What of it?

  7. Flying cars
  8. So. Cool. Need I say more?

  9. Smelly squirty cars
  10. OK, so I am aware that my title for this idea isn’t the most eloquent. However, me and the guys in the office have decided that it would be really clever to have a scenting feature in your future car, which can be mixed up and programmed with ease. One day you fancy a hint of vanilla, the next you want a fresh forest smell. The squirty comes in with the addition of energising components, such as a caffeine dose for when the car notices you falling asleep! Or an energising vitamin spray.

  11. Unusual fuels – kinetic energy, etc
  12. I’m not just talking electric or hydrogen power here, you know. This innovative solutions I have come across are car fuelling themselves using kinetic energy, humans being harnessed to provide power (someone suggested using urine as fuel, I’m not sure if that will work…), and other such wonderful ideas. The end goal? Fewer emissions, and a cool fuel to boast about to your friends.

  13. Size changing
  14. The Peugeot Verde Size Changing Car

    From small to big...

    One day you need a little hatchback, the next you need to fit everything and the kitchen sink in the boot. A flexible car size would be great for this, not to mention for saving space when parking on the street.

  15. “Fetch” or “Find” option
  16. I think my lazy side is coming out with this one, as I would love an easy way to find your car when you have [parked it in a new town. The idea is that you either get guided toward it, or you press the “fetch” button and the car brings itself to you. Soo cool! Like having a super-duper robot car dog!

  17. AI
  18. Your car needs to be clever. Not so clever that it will one day kill you, or enslave you as a human battery, but  clever enough to adapt to your needs. I want my in-car artificial intelligence to always know what time I get into my car, so that it is defrosted and ready to go. I want it to adapt to my driving style, helping me along accordingly. I want it to come up with spontaneous new route suggestion whenever we go on trips – suggesting new routes if we are going too slowly, or pointing out a favourite local picnic spot. Finally, I want the radio to only play what I want it to, and what I fancy – to an element of telepathy is a must!

  19. Convoy feature
  20. Rolling Car Advert

    Like a rolling stone...

    Finally, we want to be safe. The cars that drive themselves could do this, but it would be even better if cars could lock into one another convoy style, making them impossible to crash, and hopefully saving fuel somehow too. This would be fun, and would obviously have to be run by a big super computer. I will name the supercomputer Derek. I don’t know why.

Do you have any better suggestions?

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5 Opinions

  • http://www.conceptvehicleleasing.co.uk Mathurini

    I love this post, I think another idea would be a lens around the entire windscreen of the car with camera buttons on the side of the car by the driver and passenger side – for those awesome rides with the sunsetting or sunrising – One quick click of a button and you’d have an image of what you see right infront of you. Sweet.
    Mathurini´s last blog post ..The New Volkswagen SHARAN!

  • http://www.exclusivemotorhomes.com Julin@ Airstream motorhomes

    This is very interesting Question..!! Apart from vital safety features, cars of tomorrow will have cutting-edge electronic technologies that will improve driving comfort and entertainment.

  • http://www.vicky89.com vicky89

    this is a very good post. the star wars technology would take a little time to come by. but at present we have the hybrids, cars tat could swim , and the bugatti veyron.:-)
    vicky89´s last blog post ..Need for Speed- Hot Pursuit 2010

  • http://www.roberts.com.ph Roberts

    Great list of the great possibilities of the world of automotive industry. When I was a kid, I was thinking that the future of cars would involve electro-magnet technology, wherein cars will be able to float through opposite magnetic sides as well as in repelling cars through this technology which can really prevent car accidents. Just a thought :) Awesome post!
    Roberts´s last blog post ..Why Leafsprings Break and When to Replace Them

  • http://www.handiworld.com/HandiRack Roof Rack UK

    I don’t any idea for future car but mentioned all future cars are awesome. Good job. Thanks for sharing.

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