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Ah, don’t you love a good pun? Fuelling… geddit?!

OK, that aside, this blog post is actually going to address a very interesting topic, and one of which I perch happily on the fence of debate. The issue, you see, is that of electric cars.

The benefits of the car market’s current favourite idea are obvious –¬† adoption of electric vehicles with a range of 50km or more could cut road transport carbon emissions in half, according to The Guardian. It is better for the world, better for the atmosphere, and generally helps us all feel good about ourselves and our much maligned carbon footprints!

That said, my general opinion is that electric cars are being rushed into the market despite the fact that they can go such a small distance before needing recharging. After all, recharging stations are still few and far between, and electricity still hurts the world the make it. Whilst the emissions are lower, they are still there – we just don’t have to deal with the guilt of seeing them coming out of the exhaust.

Personally I think the oil giants (and here I must state that I am by no means an expert and this is merely intended to stimulate debate) are holding back fuel cell technology, which is, quite simply, where it is at. Hydrogen rules! Of course these aren’t emission free either – but they come a lot closer without¬†limiting us to a tiny distance worth of travelling. The technology may be complex, but definitely worth perfecting and making sustainable!

With Mini and Mitsubishi kicking off trials of their electric cars yesterday, what do you think of the electric cars?

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