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I have always loved the look of the Chrysler Cruiser. Looking somewhat like a Gothic combination of a London black cab and a shortened hearse, there was something about the vintage exterior and chunky styling that really pushed all the right buttons. In much the same way as the Chrysler Crossfire, I found myself illogically loving this car from pretty much the first moment I started to appreciate a good design. Many people hate the styling, which I can actually understand, but for me it was so wrong that it started to become right again.

Having admired this for so long, it actually never crossed my mind to find out about the performance of the car. After all, I never planned to own one, only to admire them in the street as they drove by. Doing a little research for a project, however, I stumbled across a terrifying fact that really brought it home just how American this cars heritage is.

You see, what is terrifying is that despite a manageable 2.4 litre engine, the Cruiser is completely, utterly and terrifyingly uneconomic. It only reaches 26MPG in the new models, and the old versions used to be even worse. For what is essentially a day to day family car to have such ridiculous efficiency levels is so outdated that I practicallypassed out when I heard about it! Perhaps the fact that terrified me the most was that this simple mediocre car doesn’t have much better fuel economy that a huge engined Mustang – not very good, eh?!

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Posted by admin   @   7 December 2009

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