Renault Forge Ahead in Electric Car Technology | ECO2 Range is Advertised

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Has anyone seen the electric car advert that Renault has released recently? The car, the ECO2, is built into a surreal, modern and attractive icon of today’s electric car market, and suggests at the potential waiting in the wings for this new eco-friendly area of automotion.

The ECO2 is built on the premise of an exciting infrastructure that will hopefully ensure that everyone can access a recharging station, and they discuss the potential of exceedingly quick recharging to avoid the problem of reduced range and long charging times. The ECO2 subset of the Renault car portfolio is made up of a variety of models – including a surreal buggy that would look rather at home on a golf course, the equally strange and modern middle of the range car, and a couple of executive cars that you would never guess were electric. Cleverly, the Brand have chosen to go weird and wonderful alongside a healthy dose of “normal”. There is something for everyone!

Head to the Renault site yourself to see the fun advert, or have a look on the TV!

Renault ECO2 Car

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Posted by admin   @   7 January 2010

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