The Future of Electric Cars? | The Audi e-tron

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Most people who follow Audi’s beautiful forays into sports cars will have already have heard of the e-tron. This car looks just like Audi’s wonderful R8, but rather than running incredibly uneconomically, this is actually powered by electricity. In fact, this has a full electric drive system featuring four motors – two each at the front and rear axles – driving the wheels. It is only a concept, but it shows that Audi are serious about getting involved in the world of lithium ions and electric batteries – and it also separates the fashionable brand from all those strange boxy electric cars that are still plaguing the market.

I personally hope that this swish speedy looking sports car hails the beginning of a new approach to electric cars and renewable energy. If more people would take a design and holistic led approach to this sort of thing, then I think the whole idea of electric cars would be totally accepted.

As for me – I am hoping the Audi see this little post and give me the first street suitable e-tron. Go on, it is only fair!

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Posted by admin   @   8 February 2010

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