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So you have decided on purchasing a used Audi and who could blame you for doing so. These beautiful well-loved, luxury cars are well worth the search, but there are some things you should know about Audi’s before you make any purchase.

As with any used car you might purchase, you will need to know the value of the car. Knowing the value of the car before you buy allows you to have room for bargaining. Don’t assume that the price is reflective of its current market price.

Don’t forget to ask the seller about the vehicle’s maintenance schedule and have him/her provide any and all receipts of work done on the second hand Audi. Seeing the car’s maintenance records tells you how well the vehicle has been taken care of or problems that might indicate future mechanical headaches.

When contacting the seller of the Audi, make sure to ask questions. Write a checklist of amenities and options you would like your Audi to have. Ask detailed questions about registration, title, engine, transmission, alignment, and suspension. Is the registration on the car current? Is the Audi’s title clean or salvaged? Does the engine make any noises, such as knocking, pinging or squealing? How many miles are on the engine? Does the transmission make any noises or have problems changing gears, such as slipping or not going into a certain gear? Is there any shaking at high speeds?
Physical appearance of a used Audi for sale by private party is of deep concern as well. You would hate to drive four hours to look at a car with a missing bumper and needing a full paint job. Don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions about the interior and exterior: Are there any tears or rips in the seats? Are there any cracks in the windshield? Any body damage, dents, scratches or dings? How is the paint? Are all lights intact and working?

By asking the seller many questions you can save yourself a lot of time. However, you will now and then come across people who leave out certain details about a car until you show up. This is where knowing what common problems a second hand Audi for sale might have. Audi is a luxury car, but it is not immune to problems. Knowing what you are getting yourself into before buying is crucial. Check rubber seals around the Audi’s windows. Window leaks are common, especially in the A3 models. Check for brake squealing. After about 50,000 miles on a used Audi, you will find that unless the brakes have just been done by the seller there will be noise and the brake system will need to be looked at. Audi’s have electrical issues as well. These issues cause a rapid power loss and can be very dangerous. Burning oil is another very common problem with used Audis. Remember check the fluids.

Bringing a mechanic with you to look at a used car is a good idea and cuts out time wasted on a money pit cars. Last but not least in purchasing your used Audi, is the test drive. Drive it at least a half hour and make sure to take it on freeways to get it up to full speed. Watch the gauges and turn off the radio so you can hear any noises that might indicate a problem.

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Posted by admin   @   13 April 2011

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  • Xenon Bulbs

    Huge thanks for a good article, it’s very useful for all people who want to buy used car and, didn’t bought any one yet.

  • Guys Auto

     If you are considering on reselling your current vehicle some time in the future, you have to check up on your car regularly and maintain its good running condition so that you will not any difficulty finding potential buyers.
    Used cars, when properly maintained, can still have a high value and it can still be used for many years to come by the buyer.

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