Guest Blogger | Lost car keys: How much would it cost you to get replacements?

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We’ve lost our key cars at some stage, whether for a minute, hour or even day. Chances are, then, that you’ve also felt the huge relief that comes when they finally turned up in a children’s toy box, backpack or kitchen cupboard.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to recover their lost car keys as easily as this. In fact, getting back into your motor can prove to be a pretty expensive business in some cases. Don’t believe us? Just do a quick Google search around car key replacements. There’s no shortage of people with horror stories of the day they mislaid their keys and were left with bills running into the hundreds of pounds for a replacement set.

How much would your manufacturer charge? Many people will be unaware of the exact cost of getting a replacement set until they’re in the situation that they need them. By this point, your options are simple: pay up or remain locked out of your vehicle.

So why are replacement car keys so expensive? Well, in many cases, it’s because car keys are pretty sophisticated these days. Not only do they control the unlocking and locking of the doors, they can perform all manner of important tasks relating to the security and performance of the vehicle.

Car Key Locator

Maybe you need to shell out on a car key locator!

How can you prepare for lost car keys?

There’s no hard and fast way to avoid losing things. We tend to mislay things when we’re not thinking straight – something we’re all susceptible to from time to time. Whether the kids are playing up or you’ve got important work on your mind, it’s all too easy to put your keys down, then instantly forget what you’ve done. Which can be especially frustrating if you’re out of your home.

So while ‘prevention is better than cure’ is a mantra to remember, it’s also important to consider that everyone’s human. For this reason, it’s worth looking into a simple, affordable cure – getting lost key insurance. With this cover in place, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that you won’t need to fork out for expensive replacements should the worst happen. It can also be used for house keys, meaning it could give you the extra security you need with your home. Just think how expensive – and how much of a hassle – sorting out a locksmith can be.

With premiums starting from a few pounds per month, it’s an affordable way to prepare for the day that distractions cause you to mislay your keys.

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Posted by admin   @   22 June 2011

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  • Miguel

    How about duplicating your key? 2-3 duplicates? Is it okay to do that? Is it advisable or not?

  • chicago limo service

     Wow that’s really wonderful..
    remote control lock.

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