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Originally invented as a way to allow aircraft to fly at higher altitudes, turbo charged engines in motors are now common on many other types of vehicles as a means to add power and increase the efficiency of smaller engines.

A turbocharger is a device that will force air into the combustion chamber of an engine. The compressed air mixes with the fuel and ignites, resulting in a stronger power stroke than would have been achieved if air was drawn in as normal. This is known as forced induction and takes advantage of the principle of the internal combustion engine to add power without changing the operation of it. Turbochargers can be added to existing engines when more power is needed and they are a more cost effective alternative to a larger engine that would cost more to run and would emit more toxic gases. If you are looking for a cheap second hand car with a turbo then you can find the Used Audi A6 for sale on any used car website.

A super charged engine is very similar in that it uses the forced induction method to increase power and efficiency, but they are not as good as turbo chargers. The main reason for opting for a supercharged engine is better throttle response and the ability to reach full-boost pressure instantly.

Turbo chargers are common in Formula-1 racing as large amounts of money went into researching how to gain an advantage over competitors before the 1970s. The results were faster, lighter cars with more power, which led to some dangers. In the 1980s, limits were placed on how much power could be generated by a turbo charger as a means to keep the sport from becoming far too dangerous. These days, turbo charged engines are banned from F-1 racing outright.

If you are interested in adding super- or turbo-charge to your existing engine, there are many websites that will walk you through the process and tell you what you need. But if you lack the know-how (or the inclination) to do it yourself, many garages will offer the service. Make sure you get a good quote.

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