Guest Post – New Skoda – The Family Estate Range

Many families choose the estate body style of cars to get them from point A to point B. Why is the estate such a popular body style? Estate model cars are commonly quite roomy and have space in the rear area of the car for cargo, luggage and whatever you need for a day trip or a full-blown holiday. Skoda is a name brand in cars that offers three different estate models to suit your needs.

The Three Skoda Estates

1) The Fabia Estate – The New Skoda Fabia Estate can easily and comfortably accommodate up to five people including the driver. It also features a roomy 505 litre boot area with the seats up so you have space to take all the things you need with you no matter where you go. If you need to move furniture you can put those rear seats down and make the boot area 1485 litres. This car offers both diesel or petrol fueled engine, manual or automatic transmission and several engine sizes and versions so you can choose your features according to your needs.

New Skoda

New Skoda

2) The Octavia Estate – The New Skoda Octavia Estate is an award winner in the auto industry as well as with many consumers. It has undergone several functional and design enhancements for this year and this has caused it to reach class-leading status even over its award-winning predecessor. It features an elegant interior, sophisticated styling, 605 litres of ample boot space with the rear seats up and a dynamic driving experience. It features your choice in petrol or fuel engine, manual or auto transmission and several variations in engine size and versions.

3) The Superb Estate – Superb is the perfect name for this car. It is a luxury estate that offers more than just ample interior space and functional features. It also offers you comfort in the most luxurious ways. It goes beyond the standards in luxury with special specifications that make your life just that much easier on the go. Just like the other Skoda estate models the New Skoda Superb Estate also allows you to choose from diesel or petrol fuel engines, several engine sizes, auto or manual transmission and a variety of specifications.

These estates can help you with your decision to buy a family car that meets your needs.

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Posted by admin   @   3 January 2014

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