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I was recently told by someone that they would never plan to have more than three children; otherwise they couldn’t drive the luxurious, attractive, five seater car of their dreams and fit the kids in too. I couldn’t believe my ears!

There seems to be some recent controversy concerning the type of car you should be driving once you have a family. Recently James Corden spouted debate after being reported to have brought a sleek new Jaguar XKR even with a baby on the way. It’s safe to say that fitting a baby seat in his new ride is not a high priority…but then again I don’t believe you have to go to the other end of the spectrum and begin driving an unattractive people carrier once you have a child.

I refuted the claim that having more than three children would mean you can’t drive a nice car and I do believe that there must be a solution that has more than five seats! So I’ve sought out the top 5 cars on the market today that I believe would be fantastic for the larger family. So here we go…

1.       The bold Ford Flex – Seven passengers incomfort and style

The Ford Flex

The Ford Flex

2.       The impressive Land Rover Discovery 4 – Lighter, more agile feel that belies its size

Land Rover Discover 4 Exterior

The Land Rover Discovery 4

3.       The stunning Audi Q7 – Luxurious 7 seater as well as 4×4

The Audi Q7

The Audi Q7

4.       The lavish Mercedes Benz R Class – Expensive but Luxurious

The Mercedes Benz R Class

The Mercedes Benz R Class

5.       The understated Peugeot 4007 – Stylish SUV with 7 flexible seats

The Peugeot 4007

The Peugeot 4007

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2 Opinions

  • Ashley Moon

    Great Cars if you have a spare £30k – £50k kicking aorund. Try finding a car on a smaller budget that fits three car seats..not easy!!

  • vicky89

    good range of 4*4’s dude.

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