A Nervous Passenger? | Citroen, Renault & Peugeot Recall “Passenger Brake” Cars

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Some car recalls are hard for the general public to understand. They concern nuts and bolts that require a far deeper understanding than most amateurs have, and we all just have to sit back and rest assured that the right thing is being done and for the right reasons. Occasionally, however, comes a flaw that seems to the amateur so basic that the very fact it hasn’t been found already seems kind of ridiculous.

This particular recall is one such example. The flaw, identified by the BBC Watchdog, involves the modifications made to convert these French cars to right-hand drive, and in layman’s terms the brake mechanism can still be activated in the left hand footwell. In short, the passenger can activate the brake.

As you no doubt can tell, this is a pretty dangerous situation. Say you have a nervous passenger phantom braking. Or a long legged guest stretching out. Combine this with a few tons of metal and a decent speed, and you have a recipe for disaster. Judging by the home testing being done by Citroen owners on the company’s Facebook page, this is something that quite a few cars can actually do, rather than a conceptual problem that never actually appears.

With 20,000 cars (at least) being recalled, is yours affected? Share in the comments below?

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