Amazing Car Crash – and a lucky escape

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The BBC reported this weekend on an absolutely astounding crash. The fact that the couple who were in this crash actually survived makes it even more amazing – and as the rescue team said, “If you saw that in a film you would think it was far-fetched”.

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The sinking BMW

The crash occurred in a ravine in Powys, Wales. Like something out of an action or disaster movie they plunged a terrifying 82metre into the ravine alongside the road they were driving on. Usually in crashes like this people don’t survive, they simply can’t because of the absurd heights involved and the mountainous terrain. However, thanks to a huge dose of luck, some bouncy trees and a little pool at the bottom, they actually managed to escape relatively unharmed. It is miraculous!

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Posted by admin   @   24 May 2010

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2 Opinions

  • Auto Collision Solutions

    Wow, glad they were okay. Doesn’t look like the car made it though!


    Wow, its god to be them!

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