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If it isn’t one of them, it is another. Celebrities seem to have a penchant for driving their fast cars fast, and getting caught doing so. The latest in a long line of naughty speeders is Liverpool Footballer Joe Cole, who may well be disqualified from driving as he already had a not insignificant 6 points on his license. I won’t be surprised if he gets off relatively Scott free thanks to his celebrity, but even so he has still been to court and been scolded by the judge.

Now, one way of looking at a story like this would be to see it as good that he is being caught and disciplined. Which, of course, it is. After all, he is a public figure, and if we seem him getting in trouble for breaking the law then we will know the same will happen to us. However, perhaps the publicity bought to cases like this will have the opposite effect, and encourage people to drive fast themselves. After all, if Joe Cole is doing it it must be cool.

Which way do you think it works?

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  • BigBucksAuto

    In the States, celebrities drive fast too, but judges generally come down quite hard on them in order to make an example out of them.

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