Another week, another speeding ticket…

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Why is it that some people insist on speeding? Whilst I can understand driving at a few miles over the limit on the motorway, I can’t understand the reckless speeding that so many people seem to enjoy. Travelling along at nigh on a hundred miles an hour in a metal box surrounded by other metal boxes travelling at equal speeds seems like a recipe for disaster, and one that when we drive we always strive to avoid.

Whilst I can understand some speeders, others I cannot. Piers Morgan has recently been fined for being caught travelling at 51mph in a 30mph zone. This is the sort of speeding I can’t get my head around – a thirty zone is thirty for a reason, and there were likely children and other pedestrians around. To travel at such a huge amount above the limit shows a lack of respect cialis tadalafil 5mg for other people’s lives, as well as his own. I’m just thankful that he did receivea fine and points on his license, rather than getting away with it because of his celebrity. There is hope yet!

How do you feel about speeding? Is it ever acceptable?

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Posted by admin   @   29 April 2010

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3 Opinions

  • Dan Lee

    People drive their cars fast on public roads because that is all they have available to them. I don’t support it but it’s the sad truth. Most people rather not wait for an auto-cross event that is hours away, yet alone an expense day at the track. So they pin it on public roads while endangering themselves and everyone around them.

  • mr.ed

    I was a passenger in a minivan ticketed for 52 in a 25 just inside a small town in Ohio. We went back to look at the setup to be sure of the situation.
    The speed limit outside of town was 55, legally posted by the highway dept. There was no notice of a limit change approaching town, where the 25 sign was about 8 feet away from the road edge partially obscured by weeds, and about five feet tall. State sign requires the bottom of the speed limit sign to be at least 7 feet above the road surface and 3 feet from the road edge minimum, and allows for a limit change sign outside of town on the state highway. The driver was so incensed at being caught in an obvious trap that he returned twice to first plead not guilty in mayor’s court, then face a judge in county court. He won, but it cost him more than the fine+. I went through the area last week and the situation was unchanged.
    I was ticketed for 37 in a 25 in a large city on a street that changes limits 8 times in under 2 miles. The 25 sign was not visible, blocked by a parked truck. The limit before the truck was 35. I took phone camera pix and went to court. Result:No fine or points, but $125 court costs.
    There’s something wrong with the whole system. It seems revenue trumps safety. Or sense.

  • Brandan

     I love speeding tickets.  If you get one in kansas give me a call.

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