Audi win at Le Mans 2011 | Despite Dramatic McNish Crash

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I think it is fair to say that Audi were seen to have a steep slope to climb if they wanted to see victory again at this years Le Mans. Everyone knew that, in the end, it was likely to come down to the big players with the big money behind them, and that meant the race was between Audi and Peugeot from the word go, even if the other teams were hoping their skills and endurance would see them to victory if something went amiss in the big player’s camps.

Still, you never know what will happen until it actually unfolds before our eyes, and what with Le Mans being perhaps one of the most remarkable races on the annual calender most of us sat back this weekend to see just what would happen. And boy, were we not disappointed.

Andre Lotterer, Marcel Fassler and Benoit Treluyer completed 355 laps to beat the Peugeot number nine of Simon Pagenaud, Pedro Lamy and Sebastien Bourdais by 13.854 seconds, the 10th Audi win.

However, the real excitement was more in the remarkable events that happened prior to the win for the Audi team, and which left them two cars down against a full Peugeot side. Saturday saw both Rockenfeller and McNish taken out in crashes of a dramatic nature, most shocking of which was the appalling bad crash that saw McNish smashing spectacularly through the barrier, with wayward tyres and machinery catapulting themselves through the air. For McNish to have walked, unaided, from that wreckage is nothing short of unbelievable! The video below shows just how bad that particular crash actually was!

Of course, however, it wasn’t all about the crashes, although they are perhaps the most addictive to watch over and over again, jaw on the ground each and every time. The real talk of the day should, fairly, be about the winning team, and some of the aggressive fighting that Audi put in to ensure that they fended off Peugeot (or should I say, Peugeots, plural) right up until the last.

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